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Dental implant Dental implant

If you have a tooth that is decayed or is very painful, it may need to be removed and replaced with a dental implant.


Dental implants do more than just improve the look of your smile. They also help to keep your other teeth from shifting out of place, facilitate chewing, and help make your pronunciations much clearer.

What are dental implants?

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Dental implants are a form of cosmetic surgery in which artificial roots are placed in your gums to support artificial teeth. These teeth resemble your natural teeth and are made to take the place of teeth that need to be removed or are missing.


Dental implants are meant mostly for adults. These replacements are made specifically for your mouth and are constructed in a lab, then expertly placed by the dentist during a scheduled visit.

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It's possible that you may not need a full implant and might just require a crown. Dr. Schell can help in determining what is best for you. We are conveniently located in in Greenfield, WI.

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